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    The Utility of a Wireless Charging End Table

    • 3 min read

    The Utility of a Wireless Charging End Table



    Most people consider elegance and design when choosing a piece of furniture, even something as inconspicuous as an end table. For the most part, if the table fits the room décor they’re gonna find a way to integrate it into the room one way or another. This is something people do with most household items, not just tables and chairs.

    Having said that, we should spend a few minutes talkingabout the utility of a wireless charging end table and how practical a piece like this can be in a modern household. 

    As the name suggests, these tables don’t just fit the utilitarian nature of traditional tables but they also incorporate wireless charging pads compatible with Qi-ready devices.

    We should also point out that some of these tables don’t have an inbuilt charger but rather the overlay for it, including the spacing and/or ports for inserting wires and adapters. These openings can also be used to accommodate power cords or any other wired technology you might want to set upon the table.

    What to look for in a wireless charging end table

    We referenced the practical nature of such a table but what exactly should you be looking for in a decent end table with inbuilt wireless charging capabilities?

    • Plug outletsOne thing to consider is whether the table has standard plug outlets and/or USB ports. Any openings that the table might have in that regard should also incorporate some form of cable management system, no matter how simplistic it might be.
    • Accommodating charging padFor any end tables that possess built-in charging pads, the pad itself has to be spacious enough to fully accommodate a variety of smart devices. This pad should be labeled or marked on the tabletop with clear markings for added visibility.
    • Practical designIt goes without saying thata decent wireless charging end table should enjoy a sleek and practical design for obvious reasons. You don’t want a table that’s either too bulky to blend in or oddly shaped in a way that makes it difficult to place anywhere.
    • Additional featuresAlong with all the necessary features and implements, you might want to keep an eye out for any useful accessories the table might have. For instance, some of these tables have built-in Bluetooth speakers, lamps, or light fixtures that can be controlled with buttons or even remotely in some cases.

    A clutter-free solution

    No matter what your current setup might be, know that a wireless charger is guaranteed to reduce clutter and unnecessary build-ups atop your desktop, or even remove it altogether depending on its size, shape, and versatility.

    We commonly have chargers, adapters, and other office gadgets cluttering our desktops, so any technology that promises to deliver us from our disorderly ways has to be entertained to some degree.

    When youinvest in a good wireless charging end table for your home or office, you do so with the knowledge that you labor towards cleaning up your workplace of unnecessary clutter. 

    You don’t have to be a disorderly person to occasionally store all kinds of wired components and/or gadgets on your desk.

    This is exactly what happens to the end table in some cases, not necessarily because you want to but because it comes as a by-product of using smart devices on a daily basis. 

    Over time, a whole bunch of random accessories end up cluttering our tables, even the ones we barely use or do not really need anymore.