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    Stealth Wireless Chargers and Their Applications

    • 3 min read

    Stealth Wireless Chargers and Their Applications



    Those of you who remember the early days of wireless chargers will know just how bulky and obvious they were by anyone’s standards. Since their inception, their purpose was that of eliminating the inconvenience that wires presented so an even bulkier solution was seen as no solution at all.

    Fortunately for us, that seems to have changed over the years as the latest iterations of this amazing technology have shown. 

    So nowit becomes a matter of stealth, wireless chargers and their accessories must absolutely perform without the need for wires, cables, adapters, and any other accessories that might stand out in a room.

    It even pays for them to be stealthy and inconspicuous as sales records show because people tend to gravitate toward technology that does its job as quietly and as uneventfully as possible. It’s of no surprise that stealthy wireless chargers are by far the best-selling chargers out there, which seems to establish a trend as we go forward.

    Discretion with no extra cost

    It used to be that in order to make use of a concealed charger, you had to set up the whole contraption yourself. This is no longer the case with wireless chargers as they can be installed almost anywhere, even inside furniture. This, of course, provided that said furniture can accommodate such a setup.

    While many are those who would expect a decent wireless charger to come at a steep price, the truth is that these chargers are anything but expensive. 

    If anything, evena good stealth wireless charger that you can conceal anywhere barely costs more than a high-end wired version and that’s saying something.

    Furthermore, you need to understand that the technology isn’t all that demanding when it comes to cable management and installation. 

    In fact, you can set up one of these chargers in just a few minutes provided that you have the right setup available. You can also leave them out in the open and conceal them with a temporary implement or a piece of cardboard.

    A whole new perspective

    Even though most wireless chargers are used mainly for smart devices and tablets at this point in time, this is guaranteed to change going forward. If anything, more and more devices seem to be dependent on wireless chargers, from headsets to shavers and compact household appliances.

    As things stand, the applications for wireless chargers seem extremely broad, and this is just by looking at what the market has to offer right now. The uses for a wireless charger are bound to increase as new technologies emerge. People are also setting them up inside furniture and car dashboards.

    In other words, theneed for a stealth wireless charger has never been higher right now, and not necessarily because of the existing devices that require such a charger but also for the immense potential such technology has. 

    When we look at it from a technical standpoint, the pros of using a wireless charger far outweigh the cons, especially given how versatile these things are.

    Going forward, we can envision a future in which most handheld devices have inbuilt wireless charging capabilities, so if you’re not yet convinced about their utility, then maybe the next few years will convince you. 

    Pay close attention to newly released smart devices and you’ll see that 3 out of 5 incorporate Qi charging batteries.