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    Is Having an Under Table Charging Pad Really Worth It?

    • 3 min read

    Is Having an Under Table Charging Pad Really Worth It?



    If you’ve been introduced to using wireless chargers, you will undoubtedly understand the insane utility of owning such a gadget in this day and age. 

    Given how widespread wireless chargers are becoming, the question is not whether you should get one yourself because the answer is obviously ‘yes’, but what exactly should you be getting?

    As you may have noticed by people’s buying patterns, there is quite a demand for compact and/or concealed wireless chargers at this point in time. So in a way, havingan under table charging pad can be quite useful for anyone who spends a lot of time on their smartphone or tablet on a daily basis.

    Although most wireless chargers are relatively small in size and easy to use, there’s always the odd one out that either requires unrealistic installation efforts or is built in a way that makes its operation difficult. In fact, some of the earlier versions would only work with a couple of Qi-ready devices and only at very low speeds.

    Blending into everything

    One aspect that’s truly great about modern wireless chargers is that you can sometimes set them up inside everyday objects like furniture or auxiliary appliances. Some people have even placed them inside lamps or picture frames, which is easy to do considering how versatile some of these chargers can be.

    Choosing the appropriate surface and/or furniture may be a bit tricky, however, because these chargers can only penetrate thin surfaces for the time being.

     Although this is sure to change long-term as new technologies are being developed, it seems that no wireless charger can charge devices through distances longer than a couple of inches.

    So if you’re planning to install an under table wireless charging pad at some point in the near future, bear in mind that the top surface should be thinner than 2.5 inches. Furthermore, make sure that the surface is made of wood, PVC, or plastic, because some chargers can get pretty slow with glass or any other reflective material.

    A matter of versatility

    If you do settle on a specific charger eventually, know that the exact positioning of the charging pad will also affect the charge distribution. If you install the charging pad too close to the table joints, for example, there is a small chance that the screws and bolts may interfere with the signal to some degree.

    Although this doesn’t happen all that often, it happens often enough to warrant a moment of consideration on your part. 

    It is also likely that other items on top of the table will interfere with the wireless charger, especially electronic devices that give out electromagnetic waves. If you can, avoid keeping radios or media players close to the charging pad while you’re using it.

    Try to remember that although the charging pad operates wirelessly, it still uses a cable to connect to the outlet. So if you’resetting up an under table wireless charging pad, make sure to leave room for any additional wires/adapters that the charger might require.

    In a way, you’re replacing the cluttering wires of traditional chargers with a more modern yet still cable-dependant technology.

    All in all, the decision to install a wireless charging pad into or underneath your desk should be made for practical reasons. Aesthetics aside, this is a gadget that’s finding its place in more and more households nowadays, as newer iterations promise to completely replace the wired chargers many of us still use.