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    Discretion Without Compromise - How Concealed Wireless Chargers Revolutionize Our Charging Habits

    • 3 min read

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    Those of you who have had the opportunity to use a wireless charger should know just how insanely practical these chargers can be. Although it’s been a long time coming, most high-end wireless chargers deliver roughly the same consistency that wired chargers offer, albeit at the cost of a somewhat reduced charge.

    Then again, the main reason why people invest in wireless chargers isn’t for the speed but rather for the convenience. In a way, they are willing to sacrifice a few extra minutes a day for the benefit of not having to deal with wires all the time. This is also the motivation behind so many devices having inbuilt wireless charging capabilities.

    The justification for getting a concealed wireless charger is pretty straightforward – people want to simply place their phone down on the table and have it charge without having to use any wires. 

    In that regard, the decision toinvest in an invisible Qi charging pad has more to do with a sense of urgency and comfort rather than overall performance.

    A discreet solution

    In their original form, wireless chargers were pretty bulky and obvious. There is no way you could conceal one of those underneath a table, desk, or nightstand, not without cutting into the furniture. This isn’t the case with modern chargers, mind you, as they are equipped with tools and accessories that are specifically designed to integrate the charging pad underneath a surface of our choosing.

    In spite of all the advancements that this technology has enjoyed over the years, certain limitations still reduce its overall efficiency. For instance, the charging distance can hardly go over 2-3 inches and even that’s a bit of a stretch for some chargers

    You also have to understand that despite the name, some of them still require that they make physical contact with the device that’s being charged, which some people consider quite the drawback.

    Nonetheless,having an invisible Qi charging pad at your disposal can vastly improve your productivity when you’re at workby virtue of replacing their wired counterparts. Not just that but many if not most wireless chargers work well with a variety of devices made by different manufacturers, which wasn’t always the case with wired chargers.

    Case in point, people always ask what type of phone you have before they ask to use your charger, mainly because iOS and Android phones generally use different charging ports.

    In the past, you would need an adapter to charge multiple devices with the same charger, a situation that’s quickly becoming a thing of the past with the emergence of Qi charging.

    X marks the spot

    No matter what wireless charger you might end up buying, you’re gonna have to understand some fairly basic concepts. One, the charging pad can only handle one device at a time and that device needs to remain stationary on the pad during the charging process.

    Second of all, you need to designate a spot on the table for the charging pad to work through. Alternatively, you can set up the charging pad beforehand and simply draw a marking on top of it afterward.

    You will notice that many wireless chargers come with their very own charge spot that you stick to the table on top of the charging pad. This isas close to an invisible Qi charging pad that you can get given current technological limitations. 

    Sometimes, these charge spots will also feature detachable implements that make it easier for you to reposition the spot after you move the charging pad.

    Although it isn’t something you can expect from all wireless chargers, some will even incorporate a warning feature that changes color once the average charging time has been reached or when the pad gets too hot. Then again, you can expect most wireless chargers to incorporate safety features, even if they’re not all that complex.

    All things considered, wireless chargers are becoming widespread for all the right reasons and you should consider getting one as an investment into your own long-term comfort on account of how inconspicuous they are once you set them up.