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    Why You Should Invest in an Under Counter Wireless Charger

    • 3 min read

    Under Counter Long Distance Wireless Charger


    While most tech-oriented online discussions used to revolve around the idea of making connections up until not so long ago, the newest spotlight is on disconnecting from the entanglements of old technologies. In that regard, consider spending a few minutes discussing the many benefits of using a wireless charger in this day and age.

    So, if you haven’t already,you should consider investing in an under counter wireless charger for all your smartphone/tablet charging needs. 

    First of all, it is far more dignified to employ a wireless charger than to try and find a concealed plug socket in a shared environment like an office or anywhere else people might crowd sockets with various devices and/or chargers. 

    This is made considerably worse by the presence of other chargers that might be needed for a variety of other devices.

    Now, it makes sense to use an under counter wireless charger at home or at least in an environment where you can control the room setup. It would hardly be viable to carry the charger with you and attach the charging pad to different tables and/or desks. 

    A point can also be made about sharing the charger with anyone else you might work with, which brings us to our next argument.

    The versatility of an under counter wireless charger

    It used to be that each mobile phone needed its own designated charger back in the day. This has changed over the years, of course, as most smartphones nowadays employ generally similar charging ports. 

    While there are still companies like Apple that insist on using their own proprietary charging ports, the development of Qi technologies has opened up a whole new range of possibilities.

    Perhaps the greatest argument for using an under counter wireless charger is its capacity to accommodate a wide range of devices. As long as these devices have Qi-charging capabilities, there is virtually no limitation on what type of device such a charger can work with. Furthermore, it seems that almost every new smart device employs wireless charging technologies.

    Those of you who might be worried about whether the use justifies the investment should understand that as time goes on, more and more smart devices will possess Qi-charging features. Even nowadays, your bluetooth headphones and maybe even your smartwatch, depending on the model, can be charged wirelessly.

    This makes an under counter wireless charger not so much a fad or commodity but a substantial and practical addition to your working environment for obvious reasons.

    Do the pros outweigh the cons?

    To put it bluntly – yes, definitely. Like any technology, there are indeed some disadvantages that one should probably take into consideration before making a purchase, especially when buying something that needs a fair bit of work to set up. For the most part, however,the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to Qi-charging devices.

    Not only do these chargers blend into any workspace a lot better than any traditional chargers, but they do so while adding a touch of style to your desktop. 

    All in all, there might be a few more technicalities that future wireless chargers might have to iron out long-term, but for the time being, the technology is surely functional by most standards. 

    More so, whatever engineering challenges earlier wireless chargers had to contend with have long been fixed over these past few years.