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    Using a Concealed Wireless Charger to Optimize Your Working Environment

    • 4 min read

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    We know for a fact that a personalized work environment leads to a more productive workday and that personal satisfaction has a major effect on a person’s creativity and willingness to perform. In this regard, you definitely want your work environment to reflect your personality, ambition, and aspirations.

    It’s not just the psychological aspects that one needs to consider when setting up their working environment as a whole. For instance, a well-structured desktop is far more practical than one of a more disorderly nature. And when we talk about structure, we also refer to the tools, gadgets, and accessories that people commonly employ.

    Before we delve intothe many opportunities that a concealed wireless charger can bring to a modern workplace, we would do well to take inventory of the many devices most of us use on a daily basis. It has become transparently clear that it isn’t just our personal gadgets that evolve over time but our work gear and tools as well.

    Speaking of which, emerging technologies have allowed people’s pocked devices to reach new operational heights. Not just in terms of functionality but also in regards to their ease of use. In that respect, many of these devices have become easier to recharge, be it through traditional means or via more modern technologies.

    Out of sight, out of mind

    No matter how well you organize your desktop, you are sure to misplace one or two key items at some point or another. It can be quite frustrating if one of those items is a charger or a power bank. Small and easy to misplace, chargers have traditionally been designed for form over function on account of how basic their purpose was.

    This isn’t the case with wireless chargers, mind you, as they provide a more hands-off approach to recharging. Some of these chargers enable you to fully integrate them into your desk or table without having to employ any additional tools. This helps you conceal the charger while still getting the full benefits of what it has to offer.

    It would be safe to say thata concealed wireless charger helps you remove unnecessary clutter from your desktop without having to sacrifice performance in any meaningful way. While somewhat slower than their wired counterparts, most wireless chargers deliver a strong enough charge to justify using them in the first place.

    A matter of versatility

    Another thing worth pointing out is how versatile most wireless chargers can be. Although the wireless chargers that reputable companies like Apple and Samsung have introduced to the market in recent years mostly work with their own proprietary devices, a third-party wireless charger can have a much greater range.

    Speaking of which, it seems that more and more devices nowadays incorporate Qi-ready batteries, which is obviously a substantial leap forward. In many ways, wireless charging has completely changed the way manufacturers design new devices.

    This is particularly true for Apple who appears to be focused on developing next-generation tablets and notebooks with integrated wireless charging pads intended to accommodate iPhones while plugged in for added convenience. 

    To some extent, you could say thatApple is working on a concealed wireless charger of its own making, a technology that is guaranteed to see the light of day at some point over the next couple of years.

    All in all, there are many arguments for investing in a hidden wireless charger, but none more convincing than the clutter-free working environment it provides. 

    Wireless technologies are the way of the future, and as we move away from wired contraptions, we can expect more and more devices and appliances to incorporate wireless charging capabilities going forward.

    Understanding the specs

    You don’t have to be a particularly tech-savvy person to recognize the tremendous utility of a high-end wireless charger and all the benefits that such a device can provide.

    If you are to delve into the specifics, you will soon realize that the ‘wireless’ part of the setup refers to the less than 0.5 inches distance between the charging pad and the device that’s being charged. For most people, this is more than enough considering that you can effectively replace traditional chargers and all the trouble they cause.

    You also understand that the output isn’t exactly revolutionary and that at most, these chargers deliver about 10-15 Wh on average. This, of course, can vary greatly depending on the devices that you’re charging and their Qi capabilities. Some smartphones are even limited in this regard to avoid overcharging and/or long-term issues with the battery.

    Function over form

    Should you decide toinvest in a concealed wireless charger at some point in the future, you would do well not to sacrifice function over form. Even though a concealed charger may look sleek and at the same time help you remove clutter from your desktop, the fact that some smartphones take an eternity to charge wirelessly should give you pause.

    A standard Qi wireless charger, be it big or small, can usually accommodate a variety of Qi-ready devices, from iPhone 11, 11Pro, XS Max, Xs/XR, and 8/8Plus, to Samsung S10/S10+/S9/S9+. So first and foremost, you must pay closer attention to the compatibility with little regard for the actual shape or design of the charger itself.

    With that out of the way, you may very well proceed with choosing a design that best suits your needs and preferences but do so with the understanding that they all have their drawbacks. 

    After all, this is a flexible technology that constantly changes its parameters to fit newly released Qi-ready devices, and that these parameters don’t always take subtlety into consideration.

    Long story short, concealed wireless chargers may indeed provide a sleek and practical solution for your wireless charging needs, but if you’re thinking about replacing a stand-alone charger with a large pad that has proved to work well so far, you do so at your own peril. At least that’s what a quick analysis of the market tells us at this point in time.