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    The Pros and Cons of Getting an Under Desk Wireless Charger

    • 3 min read

    Under Desk Wireless Charger


    It wasn’t long ago that the world-renowned furniture manufacturer IKEA announced that they are working on a line of wireless charging-friendly furniture and it’s understandable why.

    With more and more of our appliances becoming wireless, it makes perfect sense for our environment to change accordingly, in order to accommodate the many new technologies put forth by what many have so rightfully called ‘the wireless revolution’.

    Although not a revolution in the classic sense, it’s becoming quite clear that most of us will have to switch to wireless charging at some point in the future if we haven’t already. Now, it goes without saying that an under desk wireless chargeroffers a clutter-free alternative to traditional charging and that as such, it offers better overall freedom of movement atop your desk.

    Before we get into the pros and cons of investing in a wireless charger, bear in mind that such a change warrants specific requirements as far as your devices go. Put simply, you must first make sure that your Qi-ready smartphone or tablet is capable of accommodating a modern inductive oscillating charge at full capacity.

    Pros of using an under desk wireless charger

    It goes without saying that the biggest advantage to using a wireless charger of any kind is the flexibility and comfort it delivers when compared to wired chargers. More precisely, a good wireless charger guarantees:

    • A cleaner surface –Due to its sleek nature, a decent under desk wireless charger helps create a clutter-free environment by removing the need for cables and pads atop your desk. We all know how easy it is to accidentally spill things or knock things off the table as a result of too much clutter, which is one of the first problems a wireless charger fixes.
    • Constant charging –When you’re not using your Qi-ready phone or tablet during the day, you can set the devices down onto the designated charging spot for a quick charge-up. This can be done many times during the day with minimal effort, ensuring that your devices are always at full charge and ready to use.
    • Less casing damage –By employing a wireless charger for your smartphone, you reduce the wear and tear your device is normally subjected to. Because you no longer have to fiddle with plugs, cords, and adapters, the phone is less likely to sustain damage as a result of mishandling and/or scratching.
    • Increased versatility –While traditional chargers only work with specific devices, a wireless one can accommodate a wide variety of Qi-ready smartphones and tablets. As long as said devices possess the capability, there is virtually no reason why you shouldn’t be able to switch between different phones during the day as each gets its fair share of time onto the charging pad.

    Cons of using an under desk wireless charger

    While the benefits of using an under desk wireless charger clearly outweigh the disadvantages by some margin, there are a couple of things to consider:

    • Slower charge speed –Because of how the charger is positioned underneath the table, the charge being delivered may fluctuate ever so slightly over time. This results in a somewhat slower charge for some devices although not by that much. Furthermore, charging speed is also affected by the thickness of the tabletop.
    Proprietary concerns –Know that some manufacturers prefer that you purchase their very own proprietary wireless charger. As such, they may deliberately slow down the charging speed of their devices when connected to unrecognized chargers like the ones made by third parties.