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    The Many Benefits of Using a Desk Grommet Wireless Charger

    • 4 min read

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    It should be well known by now that desk grommets provide a very subtle yet practical solution to wire clutter, so the prospect of a grommet wireless charger should definitely excite you if you’re a forward-thinking person. Let’s be honest, a grommet is capable of concealing cables without demanding that you do any permanent modifications to the furniture itself.

    We can say a lot about tech-oriented furniture, of course, and it’s not just wireless technology alone. You can see how there’s a real possibility that tech-friendly furniture will eventually replace traditional designs, and we can make a strong case for wireless charging furniture in particular.

    With that in mind, it was only natural for wireless chargers to incorporate the same design. You will be glad to know thata desk grommet wireless charger will meet all the structural criteria of a standard grommetfrom a practical standpoint, with the added benefit of being more versatile and accommodating.

    While grommet implements have traditionally been used for accessibility reasons, a grommet charger can deliver much more on that front. For starters, any wireless charger shaped like this is bound to not only deliver on the recharging part but to do so while helping you reduce clutter on your desktop, which is quite the benefit.

    Form matters

    As functional as a grommet charger might be, you have to pay very close attention to the form and size of the implement. The actual shape of the grommet tells you a lot about its intended purpose. 

    So while some grommets are round, there are also oval and rectangular versions, each with its own particularities.

    Depending on the type of furniture you have, the right grommet may even be oddly shaped or uneven. Some people have even designed their very own grommets, to which they’ve attached concealed wireless charging pads. This doesn’t happen too often, obviously, but it does happen whenever people want the benefits of a grommet and a charger but lack the options for buying one.

    Speaking of which,a good desk grommet wireless charger should also accommodate power cords to some degree, at least two of them. This is quite useful for people who operate a desktop PC or a notebook that needs to be connected to an outlet. 

    That said, know that not all grommets are large enough and that it mostly depends on the shape of your desk.

    The construction

    It goes without saying that any grommet you choose should first and foremost be structurally solid and durable. Seeing how most grommets are plastic, you shouldn’t get your hopes up in regards to sturdiness, but you should know that even plastic implements are sometimes strong enough.

    If you have time to look around, you are bound to find a handful of metal or even wood grommets if that’s what you’re looking for. Bear in mind that these grommets are usually bulky in size and shape, which doesn’t always bode well with a modern office setup. Aesthetics aside, you have to consider durability and longevity if you’re buying for personal use, even if the grommet isn’t all that subtle.

    We should point out thatlooking for a desk grommet wireless charger made of anything other than plastic is quite difficult. There simply aren’t that many of them to begin with, at least not at this point in time. 

    This is sure to change going forward as more and more people opt for wireless chargers instead of traditional models these days, but we’re just not there yet.

    You would also do well to pay attention to the opening style once you’ve set your eyes on a grommet because this determines how many cables you will be able to fit through at any given time. 

    If you work in an environment where you might be required to use additional devices and office appliances, then investing in a spacious grommet might prove useful in the long term.

    Grommets and Bushings

    Although we haven’t heard of any bushings that integrate wireless charging capabilities, they are commonly used either with grommets to compliment them or independently as part of more elaborate setups. Either way, we can see how the construction of an average bushing might eventually allow for a wireless charging implement to be fitted into the setup.

    If you’re planning to work ona DIY fixture that involves a desk grommet wireless charger that involves the use of a bushing or two, know that in order for it to work, the bushings have to be made from plastic or PVC. While metal bushings are of course sturdier and more resistant to wear and tear, the metallic construction might interfere with the wireless charger in an obvious way.

    Given the nature of PVC grommets and bushings, it is highly unlikely for any of them to majorly impact the charger’s delivery but not impossible. For that reason alone, you must ensure that both the surface you’re installing the charging pad into and the grommet/bushing you use for the job are both sufficiently thin to allow an electromagnetic charge.

    Speaking of electromagnetism, it is fairly obvious how a metallic component, be it a regular protective case, a grommet, a snap bushing, or a snub bushing, may end up affecting the overall charging speed of the charger. This isn’t the case with plastic or rubber implements which allow for a fluent and consistent electromagnetic charge.

    Last but not least, bear in mind that there are different types of grommets and bushings, each with its own particularities. We have snap bushings that snap into the surface they’re installed in, snub bushings that incorporate a thick split opening that closes around the cable, and open bushings which contain slits that divide the circle when not installed.

    One could also opt for an edging or grommet strip instead, but this is a more rudimentary solution as it involves cutting the edge to size to fit a specific hole, thus replacing the pre-molded grommet that normally enters into the circular shape.