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    Using Under Counter Qi Chargers to Quell the Need for Pointless Gadgets

    • 3 min read

    Using Under Counter Qi Chargers to Quell the Need for Pointless Gadgets



    Say you work in an environment that hasn’t quite yet caught up with the times. Let’s also assume that you operate at least one modern smart device with Qi-charging capabilities either for work or for personal use. Why on Earth would you still employ wired chargers, adapters, and accessories when there are plenty of wireless choices to pick from?

    You may not yet realize this but most modern work environments are still heavily dependent on wired technologies, and this applies both to the devices they employ and to their accessories. To put it bluntly, even the idea ofusing an under-counter qi charger seems far-fetched for many modern offices.

    But it isn’t malice that drives these environments to rely on seemingly outdated yet still functional technologies. This has more to do with well-established patterns and people’s inability to adapt to emergent technical solutions. 

    If something is proven to work, it is highly unlikely for the pattern to change unless it greatly stimulates productivity in some way or another.

    Stealthy and useful

    Such is the case with hidden, concealed, or under-the-table wireless chargers, which are enjoying a great rise in popularity in recent years. What’s more, these chargers are slowly but surely becoming just as effective as charging high-capacity batteries as their wired counterparts, albeit at a slightly reduced speed.

    Not many people know, however, that high-end wireless chargers perform at the standards that they do, not unless they’ve had personal experiences with them. When the subject of wireless chargers comes up, some people still think of first-generation chargers that were neither subtle nor reliable.

    In other words, many offices are still reliant on wired chargers for all their charging needs. In some cases, they even came up with elaborate ways to set the chargers up inside office appliances and furniture, which is quite unaesthetic when you think about it. This all changeswith decent under counter qi chargers on account of how inconspicuous they are.

    If anything, the whole setup is a lot more practical overall, not just in regards to form but versatility and convenience. You see, a decent wireless charger will work with virtuallyanyQi-ready device regardless of its manufacturer. The only requirement for the device is that it incorporates a Qi module that allows it to charge remotely.

    Practical in nature

    When it comes down to actual utility, you’ll find that even the most clever wired contraption can barely hold a candle to modern wireless chargers. This isn’t to say that wired chargers no longer have a place in the modern office because they do.

    The only issue here is that some people prefer an out-of-sight charger that they can depend on to not get in the way, which is a bit difficult with wired chargers by their very nature.

    You will also find that high-end wireless chargers are a lot more accommodating to furniture on account of how they’re built to be as stealthy as possible. To put it bluntly,an under-counter qi charger is difficult to spot if properly installed, which is definitely something people have been looking into for a few years now.

    Although this isn’t the case with 100% of the wireless chargers being sold right now, the overwhelming majority of them are designed to blend into any room décor.

    This is also true for some wireless charging stations, which have the benefit of incorporating additional ports and sometimes special adapters that you can use for Qi-ready devices that aren’t all that portable.