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    Getting a Portable Power Bank With Wireless Charging Capabilities

    • 3 min read

    Portable_Power_Bank_With _Wireless _Charging


    There should be no question about the utility of owning a power bank at this point in time, not in the age of portable wireless devices and perpetually evolving mobile technology. Even without the added benefit of a wireless charging feature, investing in a portable power bank is still a good idea for a whole heap of reasons.

    It isn’t just the fact that a portable power bank can lengthen the time you spend on your phone by a considerable margin but it can also help you in an emergency when your battery is running out and you absolutely must make a call. 

    And of course,the added benefit of a hidden wireless charging function can make it that you don’t even have to mess around with ports and wires.

    Even though Qi power banks aren’t quite as popular as traditional power banks on account of how new the technology is, they still represent a good solution for all your charging needs. Truth be told, the overall efficiency of power banks with wireless charging capabilities isn’t as strong as standard power banks, at least not for the time being.

    We should also point out that power banks with wireless charging features still suffer from the occasional loss of power during the charging process, more so than their wired counterparts. 

    With respect to the major strides made in the industry over these past few years, only a handful of power banks can consistently deliver a decent Qi charge by most standards.

    The stealth element

    Perhaps the greatest attribute these power banks have is their capacity to charge up devices in an inconspicuous manner. 

    In other words, a good Qi-capable power bank deliversthe kind of hidden wireless charging many people have been looking for whenever they are on the go or when they find themselves in an environment where whipping out a corded charger is simply not possible.

    Despite their slightly reduced efficiency, the stealth element they bring to the table certainly justifies the investment as far as many people are concerned. 

    Perhaps not as an all-practical, indispensable addition to the family of wireless devices many of us use on a daily basis. Still, the utility of Qi-ready power bank is guaranteed to expand as more and more Qi-capable devices hit the market.

    If the power bank delivers a good enough charge, one might also be inclined to use it from within a pocket or a bag. Although the charge you can expect in this regard is somewhat reduced, the novelty of it should definitely be considered. Not to mention how easy it is to simply lay the device down on your bag or inside it while the power bank is running.

    Variety and choice

    You would do well to understand that although power banks equipped with Qi-charging capabilities are by far the most popular, they don’t yet represent the industry standard.

    Looking around, you might find the occasional PMA or A4WP wireless charger and/or power bank, although It goes without saying that their use is still limited.

    In other words, if you are lookingfor a hidden wireless charging system with a power bank, the choice exists for the time being, as limited as it may be. 

    Needless to say, the selection is bound to improve along with the diversity as time goes on and new Qi-ready devices hit the market. For the time being, it seems that only a handful of Qi-ready power banks can meet the basic requirements with regard to speed and consistency.