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    All About Qi

    The use of wireless chargers has increased a lot over these past few years and it’s easy to see why. Not only does wireless charging provide a practical alternative to traditional chargers but it also becomes a matter of convenience and accessibility for anyone who no longer wants to deal with clutter and loose wires around their desk.

    The novelty of using a wireless charger seems to have worn off over these past few years, with new models hitting the market on a monthly basis. 

    Although they can’t all be expected to meet the same structural and functional standards, many of them are quite decent considering how far the technology has evolved over time.

    • 4 min read
    Most of you should know by now that wireless chargers are built to meet specific criteria and that they differ from one another in terms of shape, form, installation, and general purpose. What many of you might not know is that the spectrum of wireless charging devices continues to expand on a regular basis.

    While most tech-oriented online discussions used to revolve around the idea of making connections up until not so long ago, the newest spotlight is on disconnecting from the entanglements of old technologies. In that regard, consider spending a few minutes discussing the many benefits of using a wireless charger in this day and age.

    While no manufacturer explicitly states that their wireless charger may lose its charge when faced with peculiar surfaces, it’s definitely something you have to consider. 

    For instance, your average wireless charger may penetrate most organic surfaces with no issues to speak of, but this all changes when the tabletop is made of metal or thick leather.

    • 2 min read
    When the proof of concept was first introduced by MIT researchers many years ago, they operated the prototype charger at a range of about 30 cm. Although this range hasn’t really changed that much over time, the consistency of the charge being delivered has most certainly improved to an impressive standard.
    • 3 min read
    The emergence of new technologies has always been at the forefront of workplace evolution, and wireless technologies have done more to change the modern workplace than any other invention. 
    Technology has come a very long way since and modern Qi-operating wireless chargers like the invisible wireless charger are miles ahead in every meaningful way. For starters, the 10W charge it delivers at distances of up to 20cm or more should speak volumes about the standards these chargers have come to reach.
    Seeing how significantly potent newer wireless chargers have become compared to their earlier counterparts, the investment is well worth the cost as long as you value function over form. In fact, the main goal of an invisible wireless charger is to perform its duties without standing out in the slightest, which isn’t something that first-generation Qi chargers could be expected to do.
    While the furniture itself may not be all that charger-friendly at this point in time, the selection of ingenious wireless chargers that you can repurpose for the task is certainly worth looking at. To be more precise, some wireless chargers like InvisQi can deliver a consistent charge through surfaces up to 30mm thick.
    With more and more of our appliances becoming wireless, it makes perfect sense for our environment to change accordingly, in order to accommodate the many new technologies put forth by what many have so rightfully called ‘the wireless revolution’.