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    The Ever-Growing Demand for Wireless Chargers

    • 3 min read

    The Ever-Growing Demand for Wireless Chargers



    If you’ve been paying attention to market trends, you’ll know that more and more devices are going wireless. We’re not just talking about the portability of these devices, mind you, because that’s also a valid point in itself, but also about their charging/recharging needs.

    With the emergence of wireless charging and Qi chargers in particular, manufacturers quickly realized that the future is wireless and that they’ll have to adapt sooner or later or go the way of the pager and be left behind. As such, many portable devices incorporate wireless charging capabilities, and thus, the chargers have to keep up.

    If you’re the proud owner of a Qi-ready device, you will undoubtedly be in the market for a decent wireless charger. More so, you might beinto using a wireless charger through the desk if possible. This is a real possibility due to recent developments in wireless charging technology albeit not something you can expect from every single Qi charger out there.

    Having said that, know that the technology has found its way into a galaxy of practical applications and devices from smartphones to wearables and kitchen appliances. So you can more or less rely on the fact that future iterations of your favorite devices and appliances will most likely incorporate Qi-charging capabilities.

    Supply and demand

    Seeing how it would make absolutely no sense whatsoever for chargers to evolve independent of the devices they’re supposed to be charging, you can understand how dependent they are on new designs and technical patterns.

    In fact, some chargers are molded on the design of newly released smartphones and tablets, without mentioning all the other devices that grow increasingly reliant on wireless chargers.

    Say you’re in the market fora reliable wireless charger with through desk charging capabilities to go with your newly acquired Qi-ready smartphone. You will notice that more and more devices require wireless chargers nowadays, from smartphones and tablets to earphones, electric shavers, and a lot of household appliances.

    So as far as the demand goes, the need for wireless chargers increases on a yearly basis and it shows no sign of slowing down in the near future. If anything, the technologies these chargers incorporate seem to diversify at an amazing pace. 

    Not just that but their range is also getting pretty impressive considering how limited and primitive wireless chargers were just a few years ago.

    Taking the good with the bad

    Having spoken about the versatility that wireless chargers enjoy, we should perhaps address the elephant in the room. No, wireless chargers don’t yet possess the speed that wired chargers are known for, nor are they as widespread or easily available. 

    This, however, seems to change quite rapidly if we are to look at what tech stores have in stock worldwide, not to mention online retailers and independent sellers.

    It is also worth mentioning thata decent wireless charger with through desk charging potential cannot yet be expected to penetrate thick surfaces. Not just that but they also seem to be lacking in range at this point in time. 

    This is sure to change going forward, no doubt about it, but for the time being, you won’t get a decent charge unless you place the phone extremely close to the charging pad.

    Speaking of which, it is also likely that some low-end chargers won’t even charge up your phone if it’s placed on the pad at a weird angle. If this is the case, you might have to rotate the phone around until it reaches the optimal charging position. 

    Such flaws can be found in quite a lot of the cheaper Qi chargers, which is why you should perhaps opt for a more decent model if you’re ever in the market for a wireless charger.