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    Should Office Furniture Adapt to Wireless Charging Trends?

    • 2 min read

    Should Office Furniture Adapt to Wireless Charging Trends?



    Many of us have thought at some point, “wouldn’t it be great if I could charge my phone or tablet just by laying it on a regular desk?” With how wireless charging trends are going, we can expect this to become a reality pretty soon. It wasn’t long ago giant furniture manufacturer IKEA announced a line of wireless charging-friendly furniture, a selection of furniture that we can expect to go into production as soon as next spring.

    As interesting as this may sound, it isn’t just IKEA that flirts with the idea as of lately, because car manufacturers are following close through. As a matter of fact, even office appliances are nowadays designed with wireless charging trends in mind and this can only get better with time.

    For many of us who work remotely or spend a lot of time in front of our work PCs, the idea ofa wireless charging pad under desk setupsounds beyond interesting for a variety of reasons. It isn’t just the convenience that such a setup is supposed to deliver, but the aesthetically pleasing nature of it as it renders cables pretty much useless around the office.

    Before the introduction of Qi-ready devices, many of us would have no choice but put our phones away so they can charge whether we wanted it or not. And if we were to receive a call or a text while that happened, we would have no choice but to unplug the charging port so that we could use the device for whatever period of time before we eventually plugged it back in to charge.

    The need for adaptive furniture

    With the advent of Qi charging, this is all a thing of the past. Although perhaps not as widespread as it should be, the technology is making major strides with respect to smart devices of all types. As such, a cleverly positioned Qi charger can make it so that you can simply lay the phone down on the table on a designated spot and go about your business as the device charges up.

    Looking at what reputable manufacturers have to offer in regards to Qi-ready devices, we notice that most new releases feature this technology. It therefore makes perfect sense for office furniture to featurewireless charging pads with under desk charging capabilities in order to make good use of the technology’s full potential.

    Now, despite not being anywhere as popular as it should, there is a trend of equipping new appliances and furniture pieces with wireless charging features. Although still in its infancy, the trend has already inspired not only furniture makers but vehicle and automotive manufacturers as well.

    The future is now

    Going forward, we can expect most office furniture to incorporate if not a wireless charging pad, then at least an easily removable top piece to accommodate the installation of a Qi-charger of sorts. These types of technologies are more and more common with small businesses that get a lot of visitors on a regular basis.

    If anything, it will be considered strange in just a few years’ timenot to have Qi chargers set up for employees and visitors, even for small businesses with limited exposure to the general public.