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    How a Desk Built in Wireless Charger Can Help You Optimize Your Workplace

    • 4 min read

    Wireless Charger



    If you are pondering about the utility of a wireless charger like many others like you nowadays, you are probably wondering if a wireless charger represents a valid investment or if it’s just another fad. While the technology isn’t exactly new, the interest people show for these chargers has definitely grown a lot in recent years.

    Part of the reason why these chargers have enjoyed such a boost in popularity is because of how practical and efficient some of them can be. Although not a general rule when it comes to wireless chargers, the good ones deliver everything their wired counterparts and they do so while boasting a minimalistic overall design.

    So if you’re thinking aboutinvesting in a desk built in wireless charger for all your charging needs, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of options out there to choose from. 

    While charging speeds may vary from one model to another, the general utility that they bring to the table recommends them for anyone who works in an environment where wired chargers aren’t really that easy to operate.

    Speaking of which, it goes without saying that wireless chargers continue to evolve both in regards to form and function. Those of you who have had the pleasure of using a wireless charger at some point or another will know that even though their charging speeds can sometimes lack consistency, they can be very accommodating and easy to use.

    Your average built-in wireless charger

    Although each wireless charger boasts its own particularities, the general characteristics tend to be similar to some degree. For starters, they all require that the device be placed as close to the charging pad as possible to guarantee a faster recharge. At the same time, they all have the same limitations when it comes to the materials they can penetrate.

    We have seen in recent years an emergence of wireless charging-friendly furniture. This type of furniture can either accommodate a wireless charger or have one built into them by default. The exact specifics of these desks and tables, much like the chargers themselves, can vary to some degree.

    If you’re thinking about buying a desk built in wireless charger setup for your home or your workplace, you must first ensure that you’re not sacrificing performance for a better overall design. You would be surprised how many people forego charging speed if the inbuilt charger is fancy enough to blend into the environment.

    It goes without saying that this kind of furniture usually boasts a very practical and versatile design. It is because of the clever design that some people can be tricked into basically remodeling their office space without gaining any technical benefits whatsoever. This is almost always the case with affordable wireless-friendly furniture.

    The actual furniture

    You would also do well to understand that despite the prevalence of wireless charging-friendly furniture, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. More precisely, some manufacturers can barely grasp the fact that both the material and the thickness of the tabletop affect the recharge speed considerably.

    When youpurchase a desk built in wireless charger arrangement or if you choose to set one up yourself, the main thing to consider isn’t the aesthetic of it but rather the technical specifications. 

    If we look at some of the wireless-specific furniture on the market today, we see that some of these tables come with programmable buttons to adjust the positioning of the charging pad.

    It is also common for some of these desks to incorporate adjustment systems for both the height of the table and the length of the desk feet. As a matter of fact, some of the best desks usually benefit from leveling glides along the bottom of the desk to stabilize and level the desk at any given time.

    At the same time, almost every single feature will be adjustable to some extent, which is the staple of a well-built desk. Then again, we expect the same from all our office furniture, not just the one that helps us organize our desktop better. You do get a sense of fulfillment from a practical standpoint when you sit down at a well-organized desk.

    A fast-paced modern office

    While it needs to be said that different devices charge at different speeds, you can also shorten the time it takes for a device to charge by arranging things properly on your desktop. When we look at wireless chargers, for example, we see that the charging pad does most of the heavy lifting in the Qi-charging setup.

    So when youset up a desk built in wireless charger into your preferred desk, make sure that the fixture is geometrically implemented to fit your setup. It may not seem all that important for some, but it’s a matter of inches with these types of technologies and always has been. 

    For instance, most charging pads deliver their charge at a distance of about 1-2 inches anyway, so any improper installation that lengthens the distance between the device and the pad is guaranteed to reduce the overall efficiency of the whole process.

    So in order to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your wireless charging setup, be it a standard charger or a built-in fixture, you must first and foremost make sure that your setup makes sense from a geometrical standpoint. You can find out more about each individual charger and its specific parameters by studying the technical information provided by the manufacturer.

    This will enable you to choose the most optimal configuration for your desktop, thus maximizing your overall efficiency without sacrificing any space on your desk. Nor should you make any long-term changes to your office setup for the sake of a wireless charger and/or charging station, not unless you want to repeat the process any time a new high-speed charger gets released.